Patient Tracker|Product Features

PTS: A comprehensive Electronic Health Record Application for Doctors in India

The key Paradigm / Principle that is at the heart of the App is to make it affordable to the entire healthcare sector in India. The Medical Industry in India is a mixed economy, small to big Government or Public Hospitals at one end and Corporate Private Providers at the other end. Bridging the gap in between is a myriad of individual practices, polyclinics, nursing homes and other facilities.

We aim to make PTS EHR-India available to one and all. Built using a modular approach it will has a basic spine linked with add-on modules based on needs of the client, be it an individual GP or a large hospital.

Pick and Choose from the features outlined below and scale up from a basic Electronic Medical Record to a multi-featured cutting edge application.

  • Public facing website for the provider allowing interface with patients
  • The above can include an electronic referral gateway
  • A multi-site, multi-room booking Calendar / Appointment Scheduling System for patients to book and pay the fees online. Set up automated text and email reminders.
  • Register Patients and store demographic data such as Name, Date of Birth, Address, Documentation that confirms Patient Identity e.g. photograph, Aadhar or alternative verification.
  • Electronic Patient Notes that includes
    • Appointment scheduling module (Time Keeper)
    • Consent and legal forms
    • Assessment
    • Progress Notes entries
    • Medication and E-prescribing modules for out-patients and Inpatients
    • Clinical Coding of Diagnosis, Procedures, Disabilities, Insurance Tariff Codes using ICD 10 / 11 or similar. We are working on adding SNOMED-CT India and have an affiliate license to incorporate the codes if the user requires this facility.
    • Editable Letters that automate and pull through the above information saving the clinician time
    • Diagnostic Aids – automated Questionnaires, Outcome Measures, Clinical Scales allowing R&D
    • Link up with APIs of your choice if need be to make the application push/pull data from other applications e.g. pathology reports
    • Upload images and documents
    • We can at an additional cost link the application via API to Billing and Accounting software
    • We can at an additional cost link via API to third party Applications such as Drug-Interactions module to make practice safer or LIMS to link with pathology or radiology interfaces.
    • Communications Module – send care plans / reports directly from the App to patient or third party following their consent when appropriate.
  • Secure end-end encryption (read more here on our compliance with Security Standards for EHR in India) – we encrypt data in transit, at rest at server level and furthermore also at field level within the application for industry standard security. We are HIPPA and GDPR compliant.
  • Secure Backup can be provided when needed and we expect no downtime as we use a load balancer to access mirror images of the Application hosted on multiple servers across the globe.
  • Additional Patient Portal for them to access their reports and medical information on a Read Only basis in keeping with EHR Data Ownership Laws in India.
  • Bespoke adaptations as per individual needs and customisation

To find out more, contact us or drop a line. Pricing will vary based on needs and modules mixed and matched as well as bespoke requirements or adaptations. However a provider client can choose to start simple and scale up by adding further modules as their needs change or expand.