EHR|EPR for Psychiatrists

Digital Health Records in Mental Health in India

The Patient Tracking System (PTS) is a highly adaptable modular EHR and versatile cloud based Practice Management Application. It can suit the basic needs of medical professionals across all disciplines. However, the journey started with Dr Joglekar developing the PTS for his own practice as a Psychiatrist in UK. This lends itself nicely to be assured that the PTS possibly is one of the most robust, feature packed EPS a Psychiatric Practice can use.

The PTS electronic medical records not only can allow use of e-appointments, e-referrals, patient notes, prescribing, editable report templates and the like but also includes features/modules that can be enabled for a psychiatrist at the click of the mouse. These features include –

  • Electro-convulsive Therapy Charting
  • Inpatient Medication Charts
  • Setting and tracking patient goals electronically
  • Use of standardised Questionnaires, Screening Tools and Clinical Scales as well as Outcome Measures. The ones already bundled for free in the system are listed below.
  • All scores are automated and if the provider desires, they can commission use of translated versions as well. Visit the Digital Mental Health Outcome Measures Application Page for screenshots and video demonstrations – click here
    • PHQ-9 for Tracking Depression
    • GAD-7 for Anxiety
    • Digital Revised Child Anxiety Depression Scale (Parent and Child versions)
    • Strength & Difficulties Questionnaire (Parent, Teacher and Self versions)
    • Vanderbilt ADHD Initial, Follow Up and side-effects monitoring scales
    • International Personality Disorders Examination Screening Tool
    • Impact of Events Scale for measuring Trauma
    • ASRS and Wender Utah Scales for Adult ADHD
  • Imagine the data that can be mined for research, quality improvement and clinical audits at the click of a mouse!

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