Digital Children's Anthropometrics

Online Children’s height-weight, BMI and blood pressure centile calculator

We are excited to share here a pioneering piece of innovation that is as yet rarely if ever available and integrated within Electronic Health Records globally, let alone India. At best there are couple of web calculators that come close, but they do not track patient records serially over time and work only in a silo.

Why calculate Percentage Median BMI or Weight for Height in Children

Unlike Adults, children are still growing, they do so at variable speeds through childhood and adolescence. There thus a non-linear relationship between height, weight, age and gender and as a result Body Mass Index (BMI) can be particularly unreliable. This is somewhat true with adults as well, for e.g. a tall person or anyone muscular will automatically
have a higher BMI.

At birth = 13 kg/m2, increases to 17 at age 1, decreases to 15.5 at age 6, then increases to 21 at age 20. As seen from this, what constitutes as a normal BMI varies enormously depending on the age of the child.

EHR in India – Weight Height BMI percentile and Anthropometric Calculator App

To help with the above, Paediatricians usually plot raw data on charts and then work our rough centiles for the above parameters. This can be time consuming, costly due to need for printed papers and filing and prone to errors.

We have developed an interface that quickly does all of the above and more as a part of the Electronic Health Records in India Project, the video below is a brief demonstration of the work we have done in making use of EHRs clinically meaningful and in a manner that these systems add value to the primary objective of effective patient care.

For more information and collaborating with us in using the tools we have developed to enhance care and make it safer, please drop us a line.