Practice Management Software for Clinics and Hospitals

With Patient Tracker System we are proud to bring to clinicians, medical professionals, private clinics and hospitals in India one of the most intuitive, flexible, modular and scalable Practice Management Software around.

The PTS is a cloud based Practice Management Software for Clinics and Hospitals with a variety of functional features as outlined below.

  • Patient Tracker can be used for individual, small or large hospitals/clinics.
  • Supports single or multi-site operations
  • Flexible Appointment System with ability to assign clinic slots to individual clinicians. Admin can keep track of different clinician calendars through a single interface.
  • Create Appointment Location’s and Types linked with pricing
  • PTS sends Appointment Notifications by email.
  • Record attendance and maintain simple daily cash in ledger and export as Excel sheet to reconcile with your accounts.
  • The care record for each patient has various tabs –
    • Initial Assessment
    • Patient notes (search, edit, archive and maintain all logs)
    • Record or upload consents.
    • Maintain patient’s demographic profiles
    • Physical Examination suite with children’s growth percentile calculators
    • ICD10 and 11 coding support (you may add your own SNOMED codes if you are likely to use these).
    • Psychiatry and Mental Health Questionnaire’s
    • Prescribe Outpatient Medication and send an e-copy to pharmacy or in-house dispensary
    • Inpatient Medication charting
    • Electroconvulsive Therapy Suite
    • Record Alerts – allergies and highlight if patient is pregnant
    • Write Care Plans, email or print these with ease
    • E-Prescriptions
    • Editable Letter Templates for writing reports that save time by automatically pulling through information on diagnosis, medication prescribed and overall care plan.
    • Record Legal Status / Advance Directives
    • Upload documents including Investigation results and retrieve these with ease.
  • The PTS tabs and functions can be enabled and disabled as per need.
  • Add role based permissions to determine who can access what parts of the care record system to maintain confidentiality
  • Site logs for audits
  • Reporting for monitoring key performance indicators and helping audit and research/ quality improvement in service delivery.
  • Admin controlled password management and recovery
  • Easily add, enable or disable staff users when they join or leave the organisation.

With PTS you get an agile team of developers who can make bespoke changes as per your need. For instance, if you wish to create an inventory suite, a LABS interface, add text reminders or scale up security to your needs, we can work to offer this and other improvements in a cost-effective way.

Drop us a line or contact us to trial the spoils, please note this is time limited offer and open only to medical professionals whose identity will need to confirmed.