Electronic Medical Record | EMR in India

Patient Tracking System EHR – India Video Demonstration

PTS App is a Digital Patient Health Record (PHR) which is versatile, fluid, flexible and modular. This allows bespoke switch on/off of features depending on the needs of the Hospital or Doctor working in a busy Indian setup Рbe it rural or urban. For instance, if logging appointments and patient notes is all that is required, the EHR Application will hide unwanted features and reduce the clutter and streamline the EMR workflow.

Working across smart devices, operating platforms this cloud based application can acquire patient data in remote rural places. This can then be accessed by a specialist in an urban centre allowing more specialised opinion to be imparted and appropriate care and treatment being offered.

The above video is a quick teaser of the possibilities and we would be more than happy to discuss the needs and requirements and where required adapt, amend, customise the Application further to meet the end user needs.