Digital Care Records in India – Context and Rationale

Patient-Tracking System (PTS): An EMR Application for doctors and hospitals in India.


The Application now is hosted in an HIPPA compliant environment on AWS (arguably the best server providers). Currently hosted in London region, for clinic’s with more than 10 clinicians, we recommend opening a sub-account in the region of your choice, pay one off set-up fees and then licenses per user to us with the actual charges for server, domain names etc billed directly to you based on your usage. You are unlikely to find a more cost-effective EHR out there.

Electronic Medical Records designed by Clinicians for the Clinicians

Welcome to the site dedicated to Electronic Health Records in India. Below we have set the context of the current progress made in regards to replacing paper records with Electronic Medical Records in India.

PTS is an unique, simple, flexible yet comprehensive cloud based patient management application that does it all. The entire workflow has been considered from a doctor-patient point of view. Starting with e-referrals, web based appointment calendar and scheduling to intuitively designed user interface, all aspects have been catered for in a modular manner. Browse through the links and drop us a line for a bespoke quote or partner and collaborate with us in leading the way in Digitisation of Health Records  in India.

The application has been developed by clinicians based in the UK, with years of trials, tribulations and experience of using patient management software of all kinds. This has helped Learn lessons that have informed the development of the PTS App, making it better and more advanced in its features than many systems used in NHS facilities in the UK.

The current status of Electronic Health Records in India:

India is an IT hub, firms worldwide outsource IT projects to India. The use of IT in banking and finance industry in India is fast becoming a norm. IT infrastructure is used for smart telephony, text services and transportation i.e. coordinating trains and aviation timetables and signals based on GPRS location.

Despite such progress in other areas, use of Information Technology in Healthcare Services, Outpatient or Inpatient Hospital Settings in India is significantly limited. Study done by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), reports use of information and communication technology (ICT) in healthcare in India is lower than most other countries.

The private sector has a limited form of electronic medical records  and only the biggest of the corporate hospital groups may have started using EMR or EHR systems. This is due to lack of basic infrastructure such as intranets, computers, laptops and internet connectivity.

The capital costs for implementing above systems aside from those related to leasing / contracting EHR systems, developing and maintaining them in secure hosted environments can be exorbitant if hospitals implement their own servers and IT infrastructure. In contrast using dedicated third party providers with ISO27001 and HIPPA / GDPR compliant architecture is likely to be significantly cheaper.

‘It’s not a solution if it’s not affordable’. 

Patient-Tracker System (PTS) epitomises this principle’ that has been used successfully by Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty in making cardiac surgery accessible to one and all in India.

PTS is a Cloud Based Application, the unique attribute of PTS is that it offers a secure digital patient health records (PHR) platform meeting HIPPA Compliance Standards set in USA or the GDPR benchmarks applicable in EU/UK at affordable and scalable pricing appropriate to the needs of an individual solo practice, small hospital or a large Corporate group of Hospitals.

The Application will be compliant with Approved Security Standards for EHR in India | Data Protection and Data Ownership Laws in India | Digital Information Security in Health Care Act (DISHA).  Read more here on why healthcare should go for paperless records | Advantages & Disadvantages of EHR | Barriers to Implementing EHR | Adopting and Designing the Optimal EHR Workflow that would work within busy Indian Hospital/Practice settings.

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